Meadow Life at the Slater Museum

Some more exhibition news:

Meadows Poster

With continuing development of farmland and also reforestation of abandoned agricultural acreage, our fields and meadows, with their associated species are amongst the most endangered habitats, especially threatened birds. Also flood control as some require occasional standing water or other disturbance. Invasion by purple loosestrife is a serious altering problem. Fall mowing can help, my friend in Vermont waits until after nesting season before he’ll cut one of his fields.

Though the Slater summer exhibition takes an expanded view of the situation, their associated workshop focuses on the wet meadows and dry grasslands of Lowthorpe Meadow just north of town. Preserved since 1915, the museum will make a specimen gathering walk in the meadow on July 16th, followed up with a hands on The Art and Science of Herbaria back at the museum on July 31st.

We are grateful to being asked to provide four prints from the Reimagine New England portfolio, including Mudflat, you could say, also known as a clam meadow.



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