Formerly a thread mill…

…and significantly where the Gardiner Hall Jr Company produced the first spooled thread in the United States, the buildings dominate a typical 19th century mill village to this day. At the bottom of severe downhill curve on Route 32, with a porched wooden boarding house under restoration on the right and old barn a bit down the road, the setting remains largely intact. Tall windows of the studios and other spaces of the Mill Works overlook the old dam and still undeveloped mill pond. And recently it is also the home of EC–CHAP.

River Road looking south in South Willington, CT

To break that down – Eastern Connecticut Center for History, Art, and Performance. A small museum displays Gardiner and other artifacts. Writers talk. Occasional open studios. Monthly social dance. But foremost at this time is their performance venue The Packing House. Now in its third season presenting jazz and acoustic artists, 2017’s Best New Act Gracie Day by the New England Music Awards this Saturday night, we appreciate the bright lights brought to this outward fringe of the exurbs just off I–84. And BYOBF, what a great deal.



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