Tunnel Road at the Slater Museum

Tunnel Road from the Reimagine New England suite has been included in the 74th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, CT through March 16. It was not a promising morning for photography as I made my way on rustic roads down the east bank of the Deerfield River as it comes out of Vermont. The heights of the Mohawk Trail are lost in the fog. The tunnel referred to is the Hoosac, astonishing in 1875 for its engineering, hopeful that it might allow Boston a rail route through the Berkshires to compete with New York’s access to the Erie Canal and the Mid–West. I was struck by the simplicity of the iron work, sort of a “roofless covered bridge”. It was only in printing that I appreciated the importance of the sheen of light on the weathered wood planks, better than a sunny day! 24×30 archival pigment print, Exhibition Fiber paper, framed 30×40.


About Paul Eric

photographer, printmaker, and writer, environment
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